Wednesday Nights at the Thinkery

If you haven’t taken the family to the Thinkery yet, you are really missing out on one of Austin’s most amazing go-to places.  The Thinkery will evoke the child in you to come out and play, with it’s amazing and rotating display of large and small manipulatives, old favorites like the wax machine and light bright room, water splash room and more.

Around every corner of the Thinkery you will find friendly employees wearing a badge and a smile.  They are there to help keep you and your child motivated on the word of the day: play!  And if things inside of the Thinkery get a little overwhelming, or you need a little change of pace, take a step outside to a fabulous natural playscape with mariner-inspired netting and a lookout tower reminiscent of your wildest under the sea dreams.  Climb aboard this gorgeous two-story high tower of fun and get a bird’s eye view of one of the most amazing playgrounds that Austin can offer.

By far a favorite of children is the airplane creation station, which enables kiddos to build a variety of planes with “traditional” plane bases as well as silly alternatives like shark planes or duck planes.  What’s not to love?  Once built, children can load their plane onto the air compressor and send their magic creation into flight, taking aim at rings that hang from the ceiling.

I can’t speak for all parents, but I can tell you for sure that I am absolutely in love with the giant light bright room.  Not only can you take a trip down memory lane with a huge light bright board, but there are all types of light-related activities for you to enjoy with the budding scientist in your life.

Don’t forget to listen out for the loud speaker, which will announce story time for all.  You’ll delight in tales told by engaged readers, who bring The Thinkery pride with the obvious joy they have in their work.  There’s something really rich about the sensation that a person loves his or her job.  The Thinkery is the kind of place parents love to bring their children, because one creation at a time, parents know their children are happy, engaged, and motivated by the amazing people who work at this master minded creative environment.

Visiting Austin on a budget?  Make plans to visit the Thinkery on Wednesday evenings when admission is by donation.