Best Three Things to Do in Austin with Kids

Volunteer Nicholas Vacula shares some of his Austin pastimes with families looking for something to do on their vacation.  Nicholas is an Austin high school student who volunteers with ag programs, with Austin Family Activities and works as a vet tech.

Austin is one of the most lively and spirited cities in the state of Texas bringing thousands of families each year to experience the cultural melting pot we call Austin. There is an endless amount of activities to experience in Austin that the kids will love and the parents will have just as much fun as the children.

Zilker park is a must in the city of Austin, located in south Austin this 350 acre park is home to many different things to do to entertain the kids. Zilker Park offers hike and bike trails that expand around the whole park allowing you to take in all the wonderful sights, sounds and experiences that can be discovered here in Austin. A very fun activity I remember from my childhood was riding the Zilker Park Mini Train with my parents giving us a chance to relax and get out of the sun and look around the whole park. Picnic tables are located all around the park near the playgrounds that children are guaranteed to have fun playing on and getting all their energy out.

Peter pan mini golf is a place that I have gone to as a child and a place I have continually gone to even as a teen. This mini golf course has 36 different holes to put on so the children will never get bored. Located in the heart of Austin, Peter Pan Mini Golf is everything you would expect in Austin with vintage and hilarious sculptures all around the course that will for sure make the kids laugh. This golf course will be fun for the parents as well as children with cold drinks and food available at the main office.

Horseback riding is something that brings smiles to young children and elder adults and Maverick horseback riding is one of the only horseback riding facilities in the area.  Located on the edge of Austin in the Round Rock area, Maverick Horseback Riding is the perfect way to experience rural country fun in the exciting city of Austin, Texas. Here you will get the full experience of horseback riding, safely learning how to prepare and groom your horses for the hour and a half long ride you will take them on. The trails stretch for miles across and parallel to the Brushy Creek River and on country and suburban roads. Maverick Horseback Riding is a great way for the whole family to have fun loads of fun in the Austin area.

Check out the local bouncy houses

Here’s a quick and simple list of the bouncy houses in the area.  These places are fabulous.  Let the kids jump around like kangaroos trying to kick off a bad case of fleas while you enjoy some ac time and a book or get some work done with their wifi.




Jump USA Park

(512) 838-6200

Jump! Gymnastics

(512) 593-6226

Jumpoline Park

(512) 310-1420

Pump It Up

(512) 832-1110


(512) 506-8583

Urban Air Trampoline Park

(800) 960-4778

Hop N Happy

(512) 215-0898

Mt. Playmore

(512) 989-8886

Inflatable Wonderland

(512) 377-5867


Personally, we have been to Jumpoline Park, Mt. Playmore and Jumpstreet.  All have unique offers, and we’ll leave some commentary on each, below!


Four children pictured in Austin bouncy house and one of the indoor play centers.  You can see they are having a blast, with grins from ear to ear.  There are so many things to do in the Austin area with your children, and this is one of them!
Bouncy houses in Austin are the best way to get out some energy and beat the heat!



Mt. Playmore is fabulous.  It hosts way more than simply tigger-iffic bouncing fun.  Children will have a ball as they scramble, dash, jump and leap their way through a giant indoor playscape with rope swings, slides, inflatable bouncy house obstacles and if that doesn’t take the cake, then they can… well… take the cake.  Mt. Playmore has food available, and it’s not bad.  There are salads for those of you looking for a lighter fare, pizza and goodies for the kiddos.

Looking for even more fun?  They’ve got video games, air hockey and some prizes that win the hearts of the children in all of us.  Check it out!

Pro Tip: You’ll have a blast running through the playscape with your kiddo.  C’mon, mom and dad!  Give it a go!