Horseback Riding

Four children pictured on Maverick, a large fleabitten grey percheron/arabian gelding
Maverick carries Sam (age 4), Anna (7), Emily (10) and Jack (10)

Interested in exploring an amazing new activity with your family  Maverick Horseback Riding offers trail rides to riders of all ages and abilities.   Maverick Horseback Riding accommodates children of any age with stellar horses and excellent guides to side-walk for young children, special needs riders and nervous riders.

Maverick Horseback Riding has horses gentle enough for children ages 2-6 to ride “all by themselves.”  (Just don’t tell them we’re doing the leading!).  Children ages 6+ can practice basic obstacles, some stretches while mounted, and even take a walk through easy trails, with a plethora of natural delights for sensory stimulation.

All children develop at different rates, and Maverick Horseback Riding understands this concept.  When young people ride, what’s most important is that they learn the mutual respect that develops in a health horse-person relationship, and how to feel confident while being so high…. up!  Guides teach in a natural, relaxed way to ensure your child the highest level of safety and enjoyment.  Guide experience in early childhood education ensures that whatever your goals are, they can be integrated into real experiences on a real ranch.


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